The values of Arclinea are already more then 90 years the same, passion and striving for excellence without any kind of compromise.

arclinea craftmanship


Through the pleasure of knowhow and wanting to be, passion is an everyday experience that transforms processes into products.


Arclinea, a prestigious ‘ Made In Italy ‘ brand and leader in the market for high-end kitchens, if philosophy has a productive tradition to innovation, a real culture for quality, functionality and comfort. The collection of Arclinea is a unique, huge sum of products and elements: each element are studied to solve real and daily needs.

This is because the kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where cooking is a real pleasure, fully customizable, complemented by innovative technologies and by an actual creativity ahead of its time.

Creativity and innovation

New stuff from the fertile grounds of tradition grow are innovations that transform and improve people’s lives.


Tradition, the result of a binding with the environment, is constantly evolving artisan dedication: start with the material and the natural transformation.

arclinea innovation


Professionalism simplifies the use of the acquired skills and a unique culture and product to grow and spread.

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The Arclinea catalogue for the public

The Arclinea catalogue for the public

The brand new Arclinea catalogue for the public presents and details all the products in the Collection with photos and brief, yet complete, explanations

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